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Sell with Mr Bid - Auction Options

Marketing is a huge part of the auction business!  If you want to obtain the highest return for the property, doesn’t it make sense to go with an auction company that markets your goods? We market using multiple methods:

  • – Thousand of people have visited our website and many return to bid on items.
  • – Auction Guy is a website that advertises auctions as well as makes it easy to promote and share them on many other websites.
  • – is comprised of auction companies from the United States, Canada, and around the world. Our customers auction just about every type of asset you could imagine. 
  • - Indiana.hibid is comprised of auctioneers that conduct auctions in the state of Indiana.
  • - Owned by Christy's Auction Company in Indianapolis.
  • - comprised of auctioneers that conduct auctions
  • - The nations largest online marketplace.
  • Facebook – With 1.44  billion active monthly users - it would be crazy not to advertise on Facebook
  • Email List – We email notifications to everyone on our email list.
  • Web browser push notifications - Push notifications are a great way to reach people online through Desktop and Android devices.

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Please Bid Responsibly - Don't Bid and Drive